Morning Session 09:00 – 12:00

Introduction to RAISEonline
How you can use Key Features in RAISEonline to support your own school evaluations.
Interacting with RAISEonline reports and charts


Average Point Scores
Threshold Measures
Pupil Groups
Identifying School Improvement Priorities and Actions

ATTAINMENT: SWOT Analysis evaluation on the strengths and weaknesses

Across different subjects
Pupil groups: How well they are performing in line with their expected levels?
School Population comparisons related to National Averages
Is there a trend in the school APS scores?
Stronger and weaker subjects to help you in setting future targets.

New OFSTED Framework – key messages


Subject Analysis in Attainment – Next steps


Afternoon Session: 13:00 – 16:00



Value Added
Calculating Value Added

Significance and confidence intervals
Expected versus Actual Scatter plot

PROGRESS SWOT Analysis evaluation on the strengths and weaknesses

Across different subjects
Pupil groups: How well they have progressed line with their expected levels?
School Value Added comparisons related to National Averages
Is there a trend in the school VA scores?
Stronger and weaker subjects to help you in setting future targets.

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Context Analysis

Basic Characteristics
Basic Characteristics by NC Year Group
Prior Attainment


Subject Analysis: Next steps in Progress – School Improvement Action Plan


WHY is analysing your RAISEonline Report so important?

When Ofsted visit your school they will wish to see evidence relating to your understanding of your 2014/15 RAISEonline Summary Report and your drive to raise Attainment and VA measures in your school across subjects and pupil groups.

When judging achievement, inspectors must have regard for pupils’ starting points and age, and the progress that the lowest attaining pupils are making.

The NEW full day RAISEonline Training course will take account of:

• learning and progress across Key Stages and different groups of pupils in your school, including disabled pupils, those who have special educational needs, ethnic minorities and those for whom the Pupil Premium provides support.

The New Full day RAISEonline Training will also support your staff and governors to understand the way in which OFSTED Inspectors:

• Use, Interpret and Analyse your RAISEonline data in your Summary RAISEonline Reports
• Judge pupils’ attainment and progress
• Make judgements about a schools effectiveness

OFSTED will also look for evidence relating to:

• the proportion of pupils making and exceeding expected progress is high compared with national figures
• pupils making rapid and sustained progress across many subjects, including English and mathematics
• the learning, quality of work and progress of groups of pupils, particularly those who are disabled, those who have special educational needs and those for whom the pupil premium provides support, show that they achieve exceptionally well
• where the proportion making expected progress overall is lower than that found nationally, it is improving over a sustained period
• the school takes effective action to enable most pupils, including disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, to reach their potential.
• the standards of attainment of almost all groups of pupils are likely to be at least in line with national averages, with many pupils attaining above this.

The NEW FULL DAY RAISEonline Training will help you Understand, Interpret and Analyse your 2014/15 RAISEonline Report to support you to become Data Literate Leaders and meet the New 2014/15 OFSTED expectations and provide quality evidence to support your school evaluations and school improvement.

This Full day RAISEonline training opportunity will also support you to become a Good/Outstanding school, well prepared for OFSTED by helping you:

• ensure your VA scores for all pupils reach 100 (primaries) / 1000 secondaries) for all pupils/pupil groups in your school
• analyse your school progress across the school
• help you to ensure your school interventions have great, positive impact across all pupils and pupil groups in your school

The RAISEonline Training will also provide you with the tools, knowledge and expertise to calculate your own pupil/school value added scores quickly and easily.

Throughout the training session you will complete a full analysis of your RAISEonline Summary Report and complete a next step action plan in response to your RAISEonline data.

English and Maths leaders, SENCo’s and Gifted and Talented leaders will have the opportunity to develop Subject based action plans in relation to their subject responsibilities and subject based data. This also ensures an analysis of trends across a 3 year period.

Senior Management Teams/Data Managers will have the opportunity to put together a RAISEonline 2014/15 booklet summarising key RAISEonline data information relevant for sharing with school stakeholders and OFSTED.

We are the only National Training Company offering Interactive RAISEonline Training linked to School Improvement, Leadership and Management and the New Ofsted Framework across schools Nationally.

The RAISEonline Training combines Interactive guidance and support navigating your way through RAISEonline site features and functions to enable you to make best effective use of your data in supporting school evaluation and school improvement.



Please note, Primary and Secondary Training is always in different rooms.

* Primary only
**Secondary only
No symbol means both primary and secondary training is due to take place on the same day.

The maximum number of delegates for each training session is 12 or 15 depending on the location.

Venue January 2018 February 2018 March 2018 April 2018 May 2018
Birmingham 22nd 9th 14th 26th 11th
Canterbury 6th
Colchester 12th
Grantham 23rd(*) 18th
Lancaster 26th
Liverpool 27th
London 18th(**) 19th(*) 6th(*) 7th(**) 7th(*)
20th 9th
West London 13th
Manchester 15th 5th 16th
Milton Keynes 8th 25th
Newcastle 16th 28th 15th 17th
Sheffield 15th
Torquay 5th(*) 18th
Winchester 19th
Woking 10th
York 27th



Consultancy & Training Per Delegate Fee Free Telephone
Consultancy Support
Half Day £199** / £249* 6 Months
Full Day £249** / £349* 12 Months

* When you book for one delegate.
All prices are excluded from VAT.

** When you book for two or more colleagues, price is reduced by £100 for a full day course for each delegate. Colleagues may be from other schools. The cost for a full day’s training is £249 per delegate if you book two or more colleagues instead of £349 per delegate. The cost for a half day’s training is £199 per delegate if you book two or more colleagues instead of £249 per delegate. All prices are excluding VAT.

Consultancy & Training Course Fee at Your School

For any in-house enquiries, please contact us on 0844 504 5812

Cluster of Schools

Many schools request a whole day training, combining RAISEonline Interactive training in the morning with FISCHER FAMILY TRUST training or one of our other RAISEonline Training Courses in the afternoon (view our electronic brochure for details of FFT Training and other RAISEonline Training courses

Combining RAISEonline Training with the NEW RAISEonline Governor Training Course is also an excellent combination supporting schools Nationally to ensure school Governing Bodies understand their school RAISEonline Summary Report, fulfil their Leadership and Management responsibilities and support School Evaluation and Improvement.

Alternatively contact us by telephone/email to speak to one of our Senior School Improvement Consultants to discuss your schools needs and options and request a Personalised School Improvement Training package.

About Us

We specialise in RAISEonline and Fischer Family Trust Consultancy and Training for all schools and local authorities, analysing your school’s performance and progress data together with your staff since 2006.

Our mission is to provide quality and multifaceted consultancy in education and training in Early Years settings, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Special Schools, Church Schools and Independent Schools.

RAISEonline training and consultancy sessions can be personalised to support the professional development needs of your school team and offer consultancy support to: Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Senior Management Teams, Subject Leaders, SENCO’s, Gifted and Talented Leaders, Class teachers, Newly Qualified Teachers, Learning Support Assistants and Governors.

You can select your audience – Training can be 1:1 for Head teachers and Deputies, for particular focus groups or whole staff teams.