ASP and IDSR Courses

ASP and IDSR Course Overview

Gain Outstanding Guidance and Support from our Phase Specific Expert Consultants for school improvement.


Throughout the one-day course, our consultant will support you in exploring YOUR data. Our hands-on interactive approach will give you the opportunity to question your data.


Support in navigating, interpreting and analysing YOUR data will allow the opportunity to evaluate your data like never before. During the course, we will provide you with the opportunity for unique limited time access to our software which contains many unique calculations, analysis, comparison and insights, taking your data analysis to a whole NEW level!


Our Expert Consultants will support you with looking at your data with continuous consideration of KPI’s/headline measures and thresholds comparisons will occur as well as an insight into how Ofsted could view your data. You will leave with a clear understanding of the areas that require improvement and you’re Next Step Actions.

Please see our Phase Specific Agenda for more information of what will be covered

Primary | Secondary | Post 16

Knowledge and Ofsted

Attendees will gain significant knowledge in:

Navigating, Interpreting and Analysing the ASP reports and Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR).
Evaluating the data to drive School Improvement
Identifying Next Step School Improvement Priorities
How Ofsted could view their data
New ways to analyse their data

This course will support you to become a Good/Outstanding school, well prepared for OFSTED by exploring and examining:

The NEW Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR)
The NEW Ofsted Focus
The NEW changes and developments within the replacement service
How to use data and the IDSR to identify strengths and weaknesses, and drive school improvement, as well as enabling early intervention across year groups
Ways to generate overviews of pupil attainment and progress by subject, pupil group and year group analysis, as well as ensuring that your school interventions are having positive impacts
Have an understanding of what Ofsted will be viewing and how they will consider it


Pricing for Full Day ASP IDSR Course

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All Phases Schedule

Please note, courses are separated for by phase. Please see the ‘Phase’ column to see if your desired phase is taking place on the stated date.




27th April 2019BirminghamPost 16
4th May 2019LondonPost 16
11th May 2019LondonPrimary
18th May 2019ManchesterPrimary
20th May 2019LondonPrimary
22nd May 2019London Secondary
23rd May 2019ManchesterPrimary
24th May 2019BirminghamPrimary
25th May 2019BirminghamPrimary
3rd June 2019BirminghamPost 16
4th June 2019ManchesterPost 16
8th June 2019ManchesterPost 16
8th June 2019LondonPrimary
19th June 2019LondonPrimary
22nd June 2019BirminghamPrimary
27th June 2019BirminghamPrimary |
28th June 2019ManchesterPrimary
29th June 2019ManchesterPrimary
1st July 2019LondonSecondary
6th July 2019LondonPrimary
10th July 2019LondonPrimary
11th July 2019ManchesterPrimary
12th July 2019BirminghamPrimary
13th July 2019BirminghamPrimary
20th July 2019ManchesterPrimary


Provisional 2018 KS2 Results

Analyse School Performance (ASP) Service
• Navigating ASP
• Analysing Data by Pupil Groups

Key Stage 2
• Pupil groups – Combined, Reading, Writing and Maths
• Scatter plots – Progress and Attainment

Key Stage 1 and Phonics
• Pupil groups – Reading, Reading, Writing, Maths and Phonics

• EYFS outcomes by pupil groups

Question Level Analysis

• Ofsted IDSR
• Ofsted Focus and Considerations
• Considering your data from an inspectors perspective

Driving School Improvement
• Positive impacts on your school
• Using available information within ASP and Ofsted IDSR to drive School Improvement
• Identifying areas that require improvement
• In-depth Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses
• Identifying Priorities for Next Steps School Improvement


OFSTED Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR)

Introduction to the Analyse School Performance Service
• How to navigate the Analyse School Performance Service
• Analyse ASP (Analyse School Performance) reports

OFSTED Inspection Data Summary Report
• Identifying your areas to investigate
• School Context, Absence, Exclusions and destinations
• Progress 8 elements
• Science, Languages and Humanities VA
• Analysis by Ebacc Entry and Attainment
• Understanding National Comparators
• Confidence Intervals

Progress 8 and Attainment 8
• Pupil groups
• Scatterplot

• Ofsted updates and using the information in the IDSR
• How Ofsted will be viewing your data
• Considering your data from an inspectors perspective

Driving School Improvement
• Identifying Next Steps School Improvement Priorities
• How to use data to Drive School Improvement
• Look at YOUR data and identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Post 16

FULL DAY COURSE (9 am to 3:30 pm)

Post 16 Performance Measures

• Fully updated including Level 2 results
• Future developments – be prepared!

Key trends from results

The impact of de-coupled AS and A2 exams
• National trends – where does your school or college stand?

The Post 16 Inspection Data Summary Report

• Understanding your strengths
• Identifying your areas for development
• Interpretation and Analysis of your Inspection Data Summary Report

Level 3 Transition Matrices and the Post 16 Ready Reckoner

•The differences between subjects
•Effective IAG for improved engagement and outcomes
•Target setting to secure positive progress

Ofsted and Post 16

•The Post 16 framework
•Updates from Ofsted
•Dynamic action planning

Cluster of Schools

Many schools request a whole day training, combining ASP Interactive training in the morning with FFT training or one of our other Training Courses in the afternoon.

Combining ASP Training with the NEW ASP Governor Training Course is also an excellent combination supporting schools Nationally to ensure school Governing Bodies understand their school ASP Summary Report, fulfil their Leadership and Management responsibilities and support School Evaluation and Improvement.

Alternatively, contact us by telephone/email to speak to one of our Senior School Improvement Consultants to discuss your school’s needs and options and request a Personalised School Improvement Training package.

About Us

Since 2006, we have specialised in ASP (formerly RAISEonline) and Fischer Family Trust Consultancy and Training for all schools and local authorities, analysing your school’s performance and progress data together with your staff.

Our mission is to provide quality and multifaceted consultancy in education and training in Early Years settings, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Special Schools, Church Schools and Independent Schools.

ASP training and consultancy sessions can be personalised to support the professional development needs of your school team and offer consultancy support to Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers, Senior Management Teams, Subject Leaders, SENCO’s, Gifted and Talented Leaders, Class teachers, Newly Qualified Teachers, Learning Support Assistants and Governors.

We are here to support you with using tools such as ASP, Ofsted IDSR’s, Excel, FFT and MIS Systems as well as provide guidance for Governing Bodies, creating your school’s data story, EYFS, SEN, Gifted and Talented, Leadership and Management, School Improvement and Ofsted Preparation.

You can select your audience – Training can be 1:1 for Headteachers and Deputies, for particular focus groups or whole staff teams.

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Please note, the below booking form will not be available until you accept the use of cookies and refresh the page.

If you continue to have issues, please contact us on 0207 183 8357, option 6.